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Propy is revolutionizing home purchasing globally by deploying smart contracts on the blockchain. Our disruptive solution helps buyers find a dream home, sellers find the best buyer, the agents and the title company to do the paperwork online. All of them participate in a seamless online process.

Our products

Transaction platform which empowers buyers, sellers, their agents, and escrow agents to close a traditional real estate deal entirely online. Purchase offer, payment and title can all be processed online.


Deed Registration tool can secure your current and future deeds after transactions are over. They are uploaded and stored on distributed storage with immutable logs.


Blockchain-enabled title registry allows counties in the U.S. and state authorities in other countries to record a property ownership data on blockchain. It is much safer than the conventional databases.


Listing platform allows sellers and their agents to get access to the global real estate market and connect with remote, overseas buyers and investors.


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A new age for real estate

Propy brings together an international team of people who want change.Real estate has been slow to progress yet we have the technology to revolutionize the industry.

Career Opportunities

If you're excited by the prospect of moving real estate into the digital space, help us make it happen.

Our advisers

Your property deal is in safe hands at Propy. We're advised by some of the smartest people in propertyand technology investments to maximize potential.